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We were sick of paying a fortune for golf balls and thought there had to be a better way.

GolfBug is that way.

We ship direct to you, ensuring that you receive what we believe are the best value golf balls in Australia.

Simply choose from our 2-Piece SoftBug or 3-Piece TourBug balls and we will do the rest.

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Our Golf Balls


If you don't know what a handicap is, or if yours still has double-digits - this is the ball for you. Super forgiving, huge distance and a durable ball (because let's face it, some of us need durability - cart paths aren't particularly soft).

This is the ball our owner plays (he's not very good, but these balls made him a bit better and also allowed him to look for the ball on (near) the fairway instead of the trees... sometimes).

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If you look for ultimate performance, spin and feel - tee this one up. The TourBug is our tour style, premium ball.

3 layers to help with launch and approach control as well as generating spin, urethane cover for soft feel around the greens for those challenging shots where it matters the most.

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All of our golf balls come with our special "Align-a-line" equator marking.

You would have seen some of the biggest name tour professionals with a similar marking to help in lining up their putts.

We take the hassle out by doing it for you - improve your putting accuracy by making sure your putts line up first time, every time.

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