About Us

The first time we smacked a $5 golf ball into the trees, it hurt a little. 3 holes later, $20 lost and these golf balls that were meant to help our game, were only making our wallet hurt.

For the next few rounds we tried the used ball thing, but the quality never met up to our high standards - even those balls that were ‘as new’ had been loved by someone else, it just didn’t feel right and it still wasn’t that cheap.

Whilst we were researching if other people had the same issue, we asked a weekend golfer what golf balls he was playing “whatever is on sale” he replied. 

This got us thinking, why should we have to scrounge the bargain bin, playing a different ball every round just to get something at a fair price? Surely playing a different ball every time would mess with your game? This is where the idea for GolfBug came from.

At GolfBug we are a big believer in value. This means getting more than what you paid for and a great quality product. Out of this belief we set to create a set of golf balls specifically for the Australian market.

Our aim is to provide all Australian golfers with great quality golf balls at unbelievable prices.

We reckon we are on the money with our range of golf balls, and when you give them a go we also reckon you will agree with us.