Our Range of Golf Balls

At GolfBug, we are massive on value.

This means we provide great quality golf balls, at unbelievable prices.

Our Range

SoftBug - 2-Piece Ionomer - If you don't know what a handicap is, or if yours still has double-digits - this is the ball for you. Super forgiving, huge distance and a durable ball (because let's face it, some of us need durability - cart paths aren't particularly soft).
This is the ball our owner plays (he's not very good, but these balls made him a bit better and also allowed him to look for the ball on (near) the fairway instead of the trees... sometimes).
TourBug - Premium 3-Piece Urethane - If you look for ultimate performance, spin and feel - tee this one up. The TourBug is our tour style, premium ball.
3 layers to help with launch and approach control as well as generating spin, urethane cover for soft feel around the greens for those challenging shots where it matters the most. 

All of our balls come with our special "Align-a-line" equator marking. You would have seen some of the biggest name tour professionals with a similar marking to help in lining up their putts.

We take the hassle out by doing it for you - improve your putting accuracy by making sure your putts line up first time, every time.