Using an Alignment Line for Putting

Using an Alignment Line for Putting

Putting is arguably the most difficult and important aspect of playing golf. You can reach the green of a par-3 hole in one shot but if it takes you three putts to get the ball in the hole, you have a problem.

As the saying goes in darts, ‘scores for show, doubles for dough’ and the same applies in golf. You can be superb from tee to green but if you are struggling with your putting, everything you do leading up to the putt will go to waste.
If you are missing your putts to the right and left of the hole, you may have an alignment issue. To help with this, you can use an alignment line to help your putts and send the ball on the correct line to the hole.

This involves drawing a line on your golf ball, which acts as a guide to the direction you want to hit the ball.

The first thing to note, is it is perfectly legal in golf to draw an alignment line on your ball, so you do not need to worry when employing this putting technique. If you watch golfers on the European and PGA Tour closely, you will see them mark their ball on the green and rotate their ball before placing it back down to match the line he/she has drawn on the ball.

Tiger Woods, Jason Day and Brad Faxon, who was one of the best putters during his time on the PGA Tour, are three great examples of professional golfers who have used alignment lines on their ball.

So, what are the benefits of using an alignment line for putting?

Using the line on the golf ball makes it easier to set the putt up on your intended line. This helps to avoid a sweeping or hooking motion during the putt. Not only that but it will give you more confidence when playing a putt.

Many putts are missed because the putter is decelerating on impact with the ball due to a lack of confidence in the shot. This makes the putt less likely to be successful and if anything, the putter head should be slightly accelerating through the ball.

Having an alignment line on the ball not only makes lining up the putt easier it also increases confidence of making the putt, which could be the difference between seeing the ball drop in the hole or fall short.

Finally, having a putting ritual can also make you a better putter. By watching professional golfers putt, you will notice many go through the same routine before each putt. This makes them feels comfortable and confident before striking the ball.

If you do not have a putting routine, think back to some of your most recent successful putts and what you did before playing the shot. You could use these things to create your own putting routine.

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