Playing Golf in Winter and Bad Conditions

Playing Golf in Winter and Bad Conditions

The winter months can see cold, wet and windy weather but that doesn’t mean you should pack away your golf clubs.  There are still many great opportunities to play golf during the winter and doing so can improve your game.

Playing golf in the winter can mean cold conditions on the course.  Cold weather brings with it a few challenges and one of those is keeping your hands warm.  Your hands are the link between your body and the golf club and if they become too cold, you will find playing shots extremely difficult.

Invest in a pair of golf mittens and keep them in your pockets at all times.  As soon as you have finished playing a shot, slip them back on and this will help to keep your hands warm between shots. The only time you need to remove them is when you are playing a shot.

Dressing in layers is a good idea when playing golf in cold conditions.  However, overdoing it can restrict movement and lead to poor shots so carefully consider what you are wearing.  Use a thin, thermal base layer on the top half of your body and leggings on the bottom half.  These can be worn under a long sleeve polo shirt, jumper and trousers, without impeding the swing process.

When playing golf in cold conditions, you may not be able to produce the same swing as when playing in warmer temperatures.  This can lead to a reduction in distance and this is something you must consider when playing shots.  Try a few shots on the range before your round and check your distances as you may need to take an extra club for some shots.

Rain and wind are not exclusive to winter and can come at any time of year, especially in the southern states - we're looking at you, Melbourne.

Always check the forecast before leaving the house and take wet weather gear if rain is forecast.  A lightweight, breathable waterproof jacket and trousers should be worn when playing golf in wet weather and can easily be removed if the rain stops.

A waterproof bag, complete with a cover will keep your clubs dry and will prevent them from slipping out of your hands when playing shots.  Having a strong umbrella will help to keep you dry between shots and if you hang a towel off the frame of the umbrella, you can dry your hands easily.

When playing your shots, remember the ball will not travel as far along the ground when it is wet.  Putts will be slower, so you will need to adjust your shot speed when playing in the rain.

The wind can cause problems when the ball is in the air, so the best advice is try and keep it low.  Do not be tempted to try and hit the ball header because it is windy, this will only result in a loss of distance and control.  Try taking a smooth swing at 80% power, as this will reduce some of the spin and height on the ball.  Taking an extra club and gripping down can help to stiffen the shaft and give more control.

Finally, do not expect to hit a best score when playing in cold, wet and windy conditions. The elements are against you so remain realistic about what you can achieve and enjoy the challenge.

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