Controlling your drives

Controlling your drives

The driver is the one club every golfer loves to pull out of the bag. Standing on the tee of a par-4 or par-5 with the fairway in-front of you, there is no greater feeling in golf than hitting the ball down the middle of a fairway with the driver.

However, the temptation for many beginner players is to try and hit the ball as hard as possible and this results in a lack of both accuracy and distance. If you are having trouble keeping the ball on the fairway, the first thing you must assess is your balance.

The number one reason golfers lose balance when using the driver is trying to hit the ball too hard. The best way to hit the ball hard is to maintain balance by keeping the centre of gravity in the middle during the backswing and move it towards the target on the downswing.
Do not allow your weight to move back during the backswing, try and keep it centred before moving it forward on the downswing. This will help improve accuracy and distance.

Another great tip for keeping your balance and controlling your drives is to swing less than 100%. It may feel counter-intuitive to swing less than 100% when you are trying to hit the ball a long way but swinging hard is one of the reasons why you will lose balance and miss the fairway with your drive.

Swinging the driver slightly less than 100% will help maintain balance and increase the chances of making a solid contact with the ball.

If you find you are swinging the driver hard to gain distance and you are not finding the fairway, try implementing a pause at the top of the backswing. Do not stop for any length of time but hesitate just slightly before commencing the downswing. Always allow the club to reach the top of the backswing before starting the downswing because not doing so increases the chance of a slice.

If slicing the ball is a problem for you, think about completing your backswing fully as failing to do so will see the driver come down outside the line and its this which could be causing your slice.

Always have a target when hitting a drive. This seems like an obvious thing to highlight but some beginner golfers will look down the fairway and swing without considering where they want the ball to land on the fairway.

Playing shots with the driver and not setting a target can result in a loss of focus and leave you swinging the club without any purpose. Pick a target in the distance to aim for, such as a building or a tree and aim for that when hitting your drive.

If you are having problems with the accuracy of your drives or slice the ball regularly, you should also check the type of ball you are using.

A two-piece golf ball is engineered to keep spin to a minimum. So, if you are having trouble slicing the ball with the driver, you should try using a two-piece golf ball for better results.

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